City of Hamburg Iowa Official Rebuild Effort

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We need your help!  Please read the message below.  We would love to have you contribute to our cause – small or large, every dollar helps.  Please click the share buttons and spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.  We need everyone to join in our recovery and rebuilding.

Over $100,000 donated by check!

Please click Donate below to contribute to our online GoFundMe Campaign.  If you like donate by check please make the check payable to:

Hamburg Economic Development Fund
Hamburg City Hall
1201 Main Street
Hamburg, IA  51640

Please download our story about our hometown Hamburg Iowa at:

We Are Hamburg-Our Story

Hamburg Iowa is a warm and inviting community located in the southwest corner of Iowa.  We are the hometown of 1,140 strong families, friends, neighbors and 35 caring businesses.  The disastrous Midwest floods of 2019 have wiped out major portions of the town, miles of our streets, sidewalks, and water treatment capabilities.

The purpose of this campaign is to go beyond the federal and state disaster assistance that will permanently repair the federal levee systems and patch up our infrastructure.  The contributions and assistance we are seeking is to rebuild the city not only to where we were before the flood, but for the future.  We want to provide a growing and vibrant community that will be a great hometown for our current residents and a place that other people, in the future, can move to and be part of.  The major goals of the campaign are to:

  • Relocate south end residential and businesses to the north part of the city, safely out of the floodplain.
  • Provide housing solutions that are safe, affordable, innovative, that will attract residents to our community
  • Revitalize our downtown business district, to grow our business base, and to make the city a desirable place to do business.

Since the disaster, the city of Hamburg has been extremely busy providing emergency city operations and the necessary services of water, food, and shelter to those affected – all the while moving forward in the rebuilding effort of the city.  Our fundraising needs to continue emergency operations and move forward with the rebuild effort are summarized as follows:

City debt incurred in providing recovery from the initial disaster.               $1,000,000
City share of levee repairs and teardowns (FEMA only covers 85%).         $1,000,000
Iowa Economic Development Authority loans for redevelopment.             $1,000,000
City share of infrastructure repair and rebuild (FEMA covers 85%).           $2,000,000
                                                                            Total Fundraising Needs       $5,000,000