We Are Hamburg – Join the Fight to Rebuild

We Are Hamburg is a movement that strives to promote public awareness with the fight to recover from the March 2019 flood disaster and to rebuild Hamburg Iowa.  The campaign’s goal is to keep our story in the forefront with continuing exposure in the media, social media, and fundraising efforts.  We Are Hamburg is a campaign that people can identify with, belong to, contribute to, and the city can take pride in.

We Are Hamburg campaign activities can be sponsored by residents, alumni, various social media pages, schools, churches and other community organizations.  Be creative – some campaign suggestions are:

  • We Are Hamburg signs designed and placed around the community.
  • Design We Are Hamburg T-shirts, hats, mugs, etc. for purchase and distribution.
  • Community events planned with the We are Hamburg theme.
  • Bake sales conducted with proceeds donated to the recovery – ever dollar is important.
  • Rummage sales or raffles conducted with proceeds donated to the recovery
  • We Are Hamburg profiles designed for people’s individual social media pages.
  • Promote heavily on social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Postings of pictures and videos of Hamburg’s rebuild effort and what it means to be We Are Hamburg.

 “We Are Hamburg – Join the Fight to Rebuild” is the rallying cry for all residents – past and present, alumni, and all those who love our town – to give hope to come back from the disaster even stronger.  This is not the end of Hamburg Iowa, not even close. This is but the beginning of a new chapter in Hamburg’s story, and we are asking for everyone’s help in writing it.

Please click below and read our story. 
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We Are Hamburg – Our Story

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Photo Album of what it means to be We Are Hamburg

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We Are Hamburg and Rebuild Hamburg  Stories

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Nordic Boutique

 Nordic Boutique

The Official Store For

“We Are Hamburg'” merchandise.
A portion of all ‘We Are Hamburg’ items
will be donated to the
Hamburg Economic Development Fund

You can also send donations yourself by visiting: 

Custom Clothing and fun unique items.
Handmade to order by a  Hamburg, Iowa Alumni